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"We have witnessed people in our church get out of debt, pay off their mortgage and regain financial health. David and Isabelle will help you do the same by offering three invaluable tools to turn your financial life around: 1. They will be speaking to you from personal experience and success. 2. They have a sincere passion in seeing you experience success. 3. They will be sharing with you a great plan that really WORKS!"

Rev. Mark Royall

"Really good stuff from very knowledgeable and experienced people. David and Isabelle present Gods way of stewarding money in a very real and sensible way. When I was taking the course I was making all the mistakes that your course talked about. I realized that I didn't have a plan. This course gives you the tools that you need to come up with a plan that suits your needs. It revealed to me that I needed goals and a plan to reach those goals. It can take some time but when you see your plan working as you reach your goals and your debt erased and plans for your future developing it is really rewarding."


David and Isabelle did an outstanding job on coordinating and leading the course. They answered all questions to their best understanding. We loved getting weekly videos and links that helped ourselves and others better manage our money. Thanks to you both! May God bless you both and continue to use you in His mighty way!"

Wes & Laura

"The course changed our lives. We had no idea how to budget the money we had let alone being civil to each other on the subject. Going through the course allowed us to learn and put into practice what we learned in a non-stressful environment. We made it through without killing each other!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, you taught it in such a way that it was totally understandable!"

Ben & Chris

“I was fortunate to not have any debt and I had enough but I certainly didn’t know what it meant to take care of it on God’s terms. This course taught me how to care for the Lord's plenty. With mindfulness I now focus on outward sharing and inward relinquishment, and taming my needs vs my wants.”


“It was exciting to see how many people resonated with David and Isabelle's personal story, which led to a turnout much higher than I had expected! There's no question that they boldly challenge people to reconsider how money is managed. As a pastor, I have found joy in hearing and observing how people have made major lifestyle shifts in order to find the financial peace that David and Isabelle talk about. There is greater peace among the people of our church because of this course and I highly recommend this for any church!.”

Pastor Ryan Jantzi

David & Isabelle


If you wish to book David & Isabelle for a speaking engagement or to arrange The Money Plan course for your group, please send us a message and we will get in contact with you. It's time to talk - money talk time.


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