Good Day Money Plan Registrants!


We are so excited you have registered for The Money Plan and are looking forward to seeing you on Feb 2 at 7pm! Are you ready to make 2021 the year you take control of your money? We believe you are as you registered to take the 6 week money class that will change your life forever! We will be conducting this course online using ZOOM. Please visit zoom.us to install zoom on your device ahead of the course start. It does not take long to install but preparing ahead is important to load the software and be sure to test both your audio and video connections.



The Money Plan begins – February 2 at 7:00pm LIVE via ZOOM from Niagara Falls, ON. Please login ahead of time as the meeting will launch at 6:50pm EST allowing participants to get settled before we begin. We will begin our classes on time at 7pm - every time. We start each one of our sessions by streaming a Debt Free Scream from the Dave Ramsey show to share people's stories to encourage you in your financial journey.

This course is being offered free for all registrants and is not being recorded or to be recorded. You will be required to register on your first meeting. You can click this link to register in advance: ZOOM REGISTRATION:



You will receive confirmation from The Money Plan. There will be a link at the bottom of your registration confirmation to join the meeting - click this link any time after 6:50PM EST on meeting dates. Should you require a password to access the meeting - if asked for, the password is always: debtfree



Please click the link to download The Money Plan Workbook. Please make use of this during and after this course. During our sessions there are blanks for you to fill in as well there are worksheets to assist you in your financial planning. (Couples need only print one book as you work together): https://bit.ly/359cbTp


It is not too late for you to invite a family member, co-worker or neighbours. Parents, Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents – if you are raising or know a mature teenager(s) that could learn now what many of us wish we learned when we were their age, please have them register. If you know someone that is struggling to make ends meet, this is the course that can help them adjust their current path when it comes to money. Possibly you know a co-worker that is financially secure and handles money wisely – invite them to join us online as they can impart into others from their successes. There is truly something for everyone in this course. And for our February course - it is FREE REGISTRATION!


If you have never listened to a Debt Free Scream you are in for a treat. Each day, Dave Ramsey hosts a call-in radio show and one of the featured callers does a Debt Free Scream – something of a tradition on his show for nearly 30 years. Have a watch of this impacting, life-changing video: https://youtu.be/p2ERL8IA8Ic


See you Feb 2 at 7pm!


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David & Isabelle Gagne

Personal Finance Coaches

MoneyTalk Canada

David: 905.651.2701  //  Isabelle: 519.441.1377

David & Isabelle


If you wish to book David & Isabelle for a speaking engagement or to arrange The Money Plan course for your group, please send us a message and we will get in contact with you. It's time to talk - moneytalk™ time.


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